Love Movie

Love Movie

Lenz is a daydreamer. Charming, visionary and radically incapable of decision making. Next to Ira night, Lenz wakes up after a powerful party , totally bereft. Lenz is in love. As well as Ira. Love's summer begins: fooling discussions about youth and sex, during the nighttime of Berlin , beers at the canal. Everything is beautiful. Up to the moment when Ira asks this one question that affects everything:"Do you want to have kids? " Now is the time for Lenz todo what he knows better, when things become tricky. He runs away. Anchorless, he it has to take up together with his own daydreams' heroes, who maintain examining him about his feelings and stumbles through the summer. His friend Kenn covers Lenz with incomprehension that is affectionate. When fall arrives, Ira finally confronts Lenz plus he's got to manage the enormous"whatsoever".

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