His buddies and A guy produce an intricate and original want to destroy two major weapons manufacturing companies. Avid movie-watcher and video store clerk Bazil has had his entire life destroyed. His dad was murdered by a landmine at Morocco and a stray bullet out of a shoot out embeds itself leaving him to the brink of instant 34,, one particular night. Losing his job and his home, Bazil wanders the streets until he matches Slammer, a pardoned guy who introduces him to a band of bizarre junk yard traders including a mathematics expert and statistician, Buster, a recordholder in human cannonball feats, Tiny Pete, an artistic craftsman of automatons, along with Elastic Girl, a rebellious contortionist. He constructs a complex strategy for revenge which his new found family is all too content to help set in place when chance shows to Bazil the two weapons manufacturers responsible for building the tools of his devastation.

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