After the passing of club captain Lao Shen, the once-dominant LIONS squad progressively declined. Unwilling to retire, Li Yi Fei and his new partner, the first female driver in league history, Lu Li li, did not get along, and the team's situation deteriorated as a result. Ah Shen, the new captain of the second-generation team, is pessimistic, so he must pin his hopes on Du Jie Ke, an otaku who can only play racing simulators. Du Jie Ke, who lacks actual combat experience, lacks the strength to compete in the competition, but he is determined to catch up to Lily and therefore trains very hard. Faced with his racing performance and the concerns of his family, Li Yi Fei chose to go behind the scenes and let Lily and Du Jie Ke to build a new alliance. Outside of the Lions squad, there is a formidable opponent named Song Jie, and there are miscommunications and disagreements that must be resolved. They regained their initial goals during the hard conflict.
Released: 2021-01-15
Genre: Drama
Duration: 105 min
Country: Taiwan
Production: TP Hover Group

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