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A musical drama set in Bollywood with historical reenactments. Kabul in the beginning of the 1990s. The country is governed according to Soviet ideals. Women are permitted to wear miniskirts; children are permitted to attend school; and individuals are permitted to go to the movies, concerts, and universities. The way of life in Afghanistan is comparable to that in the developed countries of the West. Qodrat, who is only 14 years old, makes a living peddling counterfeit movie tickets on the streets of Kabul. Following an accident in which he sold a ticket to a member of the secret police, he found himself in a Soviet orphanage, where he pretended to be someone else during the registration process in order to gain greater authority. Qodrat's normal, day-to-day life consists of making friends, flirting with others, engaging in mischievous behavior, and traveling on exciting adventures, just like it does for children in other regions of the world. However, although they are protected by the sturdy walls of the orphanage, the world they once knew is undergoing profound transformation as a result of the Mujahideen starting the civil war.

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