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Kang Soo can be a loanshark which tries to get by day today within his reality. His daddy's abuse guide to his mother. Thanks to his father's crippling debt, he begun to work under Hwang Tae Bok. Happiness was. His dream is to find his mum and live a life that is happy. But this is impossible in his lifetime. However hard he trieshe can't escape the nightmare of his reality, and when he was going to stop on his lifetime he sees that a flier asking,"Would you need to become happy?" Therefore he will experience a bit of happiness to the research centre, he moves with the tiniest inkling of hope. He learns that happiness comes in a price of 300,000 dollars. He also decides to steal the money out of Tae Bok. Can he find a way to reach happiness?
Released: 2018-04-30
Duration: 30 min
Country: South Korea
Production: The Story Works

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